Nathan "Windsinger"



Age: 2.5years (apparent age 17) Hair: Black Eyes: Amber Race: Mohegan (Native American) Nationality: American
Homid: 5’-9” and 160# Glabro: 6’-3” and 272# Crinos: 9’-4” and 474# Hispo: 4’-10” and 175# Lupas: 3’-1” and 150#

I am tall though not the tallest that I have seen. I am big and somewhat above average weight. My hair is black and my eye color is often described as amber. I wear my hair in a Mohawk in honor of my human ancestors. I seem to have “wolf” eyes no matter the form I take, but the feature that draws one’s attention is the birthmark on my forehead. I carry the mark of the Red Star on all my forms as well.
Name: Nathan “Windsong” Breed: Lupus Pack Name:
Player: John Walker Auspice: Galliard Pack Totem:
Chronicle: Tribe: Uktena Concept: Lore-Prophet
Physical Rating. Social Rating Mental Rating
Strength OO Charisma OOOO Perception OO
Dexterity OOO Manipulation OOOO Intelligence OO
Stamina OOO Appearance OO Wits OO
Talents Rating. Skills Rating Knowledges Rating
Alertness OO Performance OO Enigmas OOO
Athleticsl O Stealth O Occult OO
Brawl OO Survival O Rituals OOO
Dodge OO Lore(Uktena) OO
Expression OO
Primal-Urge OO
Subterfuge OO
Backgrounds Rating Gifts Gifts Gifts Rites
Totem OOO Heighten Senses Mindspeak
Ancestors OOO Shroud
Mentor OOO
Rites OOO
Pure Breed OOO
Fetish O
Rage Gnosis Willpower
Glory Honor Wisdom
Experience Gained Experience Spent Experience Pool
Merits & Flaws
Merit Type. Points Flaws Type Points
Metamorph Physical OOOOOO Enemy Social OOOO
Mixed-Morph Physical O Cursed Supernatural OOO
Mundane Weapons Fetish
The Many Forms
Homid Glabro Crinos Hispo Lupus
NO Strength(+2) 4 Strength(+4) 6 Strength(+3) 5 Strength(+1) 3
CHANGE Stamina(+2) 5 Stamina(+3) 6 Stamina(+3)6 Stamina(+2) 5
Dexterity(+1) 4 Dexterity(+2) 5 Dexterity(+2) 5
Manipulation(-1) 3 Manipulation(-3) 1 Manipulation(-3)1 Manipulation(-3) 1
Difficulty: 6 Difficulty: 7 Difficulty: 6 Difficulty: 7 Difficulty: 6
Heya, I was born as a wolf and knew no other existence. There were those who came and bred, who were and were not of the pack and then left, but that was the way of our pack. Then came the hunters. They smelled wrong and drove us from our range. Of course, they drove us into a trap, and then started to kill us. But this was not just death. This was a desecration of my family and Kin. It was this that finally slipped the leash of my Rage. I awoke and “changed” and with the change I took the battle to those who would harm what was mine.
Those who hunted us are no more and luckily I was injured enough that I could not take out my Rage on my pack. My Pack of old, though diminished, is growing again.
But with this “change” new things are happening. I hear voices now that are not there. Most of the time the voices talk of my giving up or giving into despair, or even doing myself harm. Bah, these are the voices of the Wyrm. Then there are times when the voices speak of what could be and in riddles. At those times when the voices speak through me and I prophesize.
Now is the time to search out a new pack and together we can take the fight to those who would hunt us, both Garou and Kinfolk.
And then there is the wrongness in the Trinity and the faint scent of disease that seems to be everywhere I smell now. It is TIME TO FIGHT, TIME TO LEARN, and TIME TO TEACH. It may very well be time to let some of the secrets that we have learned and hold to come out into the open before those secrets do more harm than good, but carefully, for secrets shared to early are also dangerous. We shall see, the Garou, my tribe, and my new pack as the time of trial grows.

Nathan "Windsinger"

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