Werewolf the Apocalypse

Chicken or the Egg
We began in NYC at the Sept of the Green. We were taken to a warehouse, and locked in it for about one week as a means to get to know each other (with humorous results). We were summoned for the beginning of the rite, but when we arrived, we found the Sept to be under attack, and we rushed to the aid of those who had fallen. It became apparent that Black Spiral Dancers were to blame, and they chased us thru a moon bridge, which led to the Wendigo stronghold, the Sept of the Winter Wolf. While at the caern, we managed to heal up from the fray, and were treated rather coldly. We were summoned to a meeting (“moot”) at the Sept, where the elders choose not to kill us! Rather, they stated that our elders were to blame for their cubs being slaughtered during the attack we escaped, and thus, they refused to help us, and basically exiled us from their territory. The basic idea was that both Septs have an agreement to trade their cub packs for the Rites of Passage to help mend fences and provide different perspectives! Mind you, this is the dead of winter in Canada. During the walk out, we passed thru a gauntlet, and Sharkeye was “disrespected” by a younger Wendigo Ahroun (Icedagger), who was backed by his two member pack. He spit on Sharkeye, and Sharkeye, being a badass “Street Rat,” told him to apologize. Needless to say, insults were traded, with the elders telling us to drag Sharkeye away from Icedagger as both were restrained (Sharkeye screaming at him that he was going to “Slap the taste out of your ancestors mouths!!”) and we managed to leave with our skins intact.
They used some gifts to make us suffer a bit, and we ended up wandering into a maddened bear. We realized that the bear may have been “poisoned” after we hit it once and green goo came out. We jumped into the Umbra, and fought a nasty Bane that had possessed the bear. Once that was done, the bear survived and ran off. We continued south to the USA, and we ended up being ambushed by Icedagger and pals when we were almost out of the territory. Icedagger used his gifts, and we pretty much died (battle scars were given), but fortunately, we were saved by an elder Gurahl (werebear). It chased them off, and healed us. When we came to, we had a great interaction with “Bill” the Gurahl. We finally left and got closer to civilization. While we made our way towards Toronto, Canada, we ran into a fella who offered us a job to work for Pentex (we had no idea what Pentex was at that time.)
We made it back into the city, and we actually had some time off, so we went exploring a little bit. We ended up at the Toronto Zoo, and while there, we visited the wolf exhibit, and happened to notice a female wolf staring at us with what seemed to be unusual awareness. We later decided to return after the zoo closed, and we broke in (felony, lol), and encountered her. Turns out she was a Garou! We planned on escorting her to her home area, but she was a Lupus and struggled to communicate. We took her to John’s original Sept near Niagra Falls that is a joint Uktena/Fianna Level 1 caern (very small). Their elders determined that the wolf was a Black Fury, and they were contacted since they have a caern in Upstate New York.
That done, we were redirected to follow up on lead with Pentex. We hired on, and were placed as guards near a strip mine, and we found out they were moving uranium from the mine to Black Sprial Wyrmhole (Sept) not far away. We made plans to intercept it, and we raided the local Pentex office after posing as guards, and managed to steal hard drives from computers as well as printing out info that proved that Pentex and some Black Spiral Dancers were to blame for the attack on the cubs.
We returned to the Wendigo Sept with the evidence, and they rallied to attack the mine. We then contacted our people, and after a cursory plan to coordinate with the Wendigo, we headed into the site. It turns out that Icedagger betrayed the Wendigo, and Pentex and the BSD (Black Sprial Dancers) were ready for the attack, and repulsed it. We tried to infiltrate, but were caught. We eventually broke out, and returned to the Uktena caern to get help. They were strapped, but we refitted and went in again. That time we coordinated with an elder Stargazer to intercept the uranium in Toronto. We ended up finding out that Pentex had gathered BSD’s and vampires (Sabbat), along with formori humans to guard the shipment. The Stargazer ran interference, but it was not enough to stop the bad guys from getting reinforcements as we were attacking the container/truck with the stuff on it (our plan was to steal the truck and drive out to a location they didn’t know about).
After an extensive combat, were were overwhelmed by numbers and superior power. We got lucky and took out quite a few because we got the jump on many of the human/formor guards, who had assault rifles loaded with silver bullets. As the main bad guy was gloating over us, Dante asked the Weaver for help (a powerful Weaver artifact was involved and taken), and the Weaver stepped in and jammed us thru the Umbra on the backs of Net Spiders, and we ended up at Disney World (randomly technologic!) That’s where we left off. So, I’d say we’ve gone well beyond what’s expected for a Rite of Passage, and we will be returning home to help clean up the mess and go thru the final rite (assignment of renown) and acknowledgement that we are full members of the Sept!



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