Yolanda "Shieldheart" Miller


Yolanda ‘Shieldheart’ Miller arrived by Moonbridge from the Sept of Gaia’s Hand to offer aid and assistance to the Sept of the Green. By the time the sun had set, the former Wyrmfoe of the Gaia’s Hand Sept had stepped into the then vacant position of Warder. It was certainly not something she seemed to seek out, but of those present it was obvious the needs of the Sept came before her own desires.

So far, the woman has proven to be a calming influence around the Sept despite the inner rage that threatens to spill out when the moon is full. She is a mediator and a motherly sort, who goes out of her way to lend a helping hand to both garou and kin alike. One of her early actions as Wyrmfoe was to increase the number of Guardians to fifteen total members, operating in three Garou Packs in three separate shifts. Yolanda for now though continues to work diligently at giving the Sept every possible resource to protect itself.

Of her exploits, there are far to many to recount but she has personally eradicated many a threat to the Sept of Gaia’s Hand. One particular story that circulated among Kin for a while told of how she placed herself at risk infultrating a woman’s shelter in Rochester that a few Kin had disappeared from. When the truth of the place was discovered, she fought off a small squad of formori to give the women of the shelter time to escape. After it was all said and done, not a single Kin was harmed in the attack on the Shelter.

Yolanda "Shieldheart" Miller

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