What dice pool’ the player uses depends on the nature of the attack.

  • For any attack with a firearm, roll Dexterity + Firearms.
  • For any attack with a thrown weapon, be it a rock or a shuriken, roll Dexterity + Athletics.
  • For any attack with a hand-held weapon, roll Dexterity + Melee.
  • For most hand-to-hand attacks, roll Dexterity + Brawl. Some maneuvers require Athletics instead, but most use Brawl.
    The difficulties of these attacks and even the number of dice rolled can vary greatly, depending on a gun’s rate of fire or the complexity of a brawling maneuver. These complications are discussed later.

General Complications
Ranged Complications

Garou seldom use guns, but they are often on the wrong end of them. This section gives maneuvers and complications for running a firefight. Information on specific weapons appears on the Ranged Weapons chart.

Close Complications
This section breaks down into three parts. Complications details some:

  • Basic Maneuvers that any Garou can perform, as well as factors that may come into play in a brawl or melee combat.
  • Special Maneuvers details some fighting tactics available only to Garou with the proper know-how.
  • Pack Tactics reveals some maneuvers that only a pack can perform.
    Maneuvers in all three sections include notations detailing in which forms Garou may use them, as well as the difficulties of the maneuvers, the damage they cause and how many actions they require. If a maneuver requires more than one action, the attacker must either split her dice pool or spend a Rage point to complete the maneuver. Either way, the entire maneuver takes place during the character’s first action for the turn.

Hit Locations




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