When inflicting damage, the player rolls a number of dice appropriate to the attack at difficulty 6. Every success inflicts one health level of damage. More successful attacks inflict more damage, however. For each success above the first that the player achieves on the attack roll, she adds one die to the damage dice pool. This system makes for fast-paced and lethal combat, although Garou can shake off many forms of damage.
Damage rolls cannot be botched, nor can specialties allow players to reroll 10s on them.
Damage Types
Attacks cause one of three following types of damage:

  • Bashing damage includes any damage inflicted by sources of blunt, non-lethal trauma such as fists and most non-edged weapons. Bashing damage heals the fastest of all damage types (for humans, anyway), and it is very unlikely to do more than inconvenience werewolves. Bashing damage is applied to the character sheet by putting a slash (“/”) through the appropriate Health chart boxes.
  • Lethal damage is exactly that — damage that will kill most living things quickly. Knives, bullets and even some blunt weapons attacks (a club swung by a Garou in Crinos form, for example) inflict lethal damage. Lethal damage is difficult for mortals to heal, although Garou regenerate such wounds quickly. Lethal damage should be marked with an “X” in the appropriate box.
  • Aggravated damage usually comes from a supernatural source — the teeth and claws of werewolves, the fangs of vampires, most fetish weapons and any silver weapon inflicts aggravated damage to werewolves. Aggravated damage takes quite a while for even Garou to heal, and it cannot be regenerated. It can be soaked, however, in any form except Homid. Aggravated damage is best marked with an “*” on the character sheet.
  • Falling
    Gravity doesn’t play favorites. Falling causes damage, even to creatures as hardy as werewolves. Falling damage is usually considered bashing, and may be soaked. A character takes one health level for every 1 0 feet he falls before hitting something solid (rounded down).
    A character who falls more than 100 feet reaches terminal velocity. At that point, the character takes 10 health levels upon impact. This damage is considered lethal, so humans cannot soak it.
  • Fire
    Fire is analogous to werewolves in many ways. It’s primal, beautiful and dangerous when it’s out of control. Damage from fire is always aggravated, so it can kill werewolves almost as easily as it can kill humans.
    Werewolves can soak fire damage as usual. The difficulty varies, however, on the intensity of the fire, as does the number of health levels the blaze inflicts. The player rolls the character’s Stamina (see the chart for difficulty comparisons).
    The Storyteller must decide how many health levels the blaze can potentially inflict (one to three). That number determines how miffip tuccesses the player needs for her character to avoid injury.
Difficulty Heat of Fire
3 Heat of a candle (first-degree burns)
5 Heat of a torch (second-degree burns)
7 Heat of a Bunsen burner ( third-degree burns)
9 Heat of a chemical fire
10 Molten metal
Wounds Size of Fire
One Torch; only part of body exposed
Two Bonfire; half of body exposed
Three Inferno; all of body exposed
Extreme heat (200+ degrees) causes damage in much the same way as fire. Use the system for fire damage, modified for the situation.

When receiving damage, the player rolls her character’s Stamina. This roll, the soak roll, allows the character to avoid damage through her natural toughness.
Normal human beings can soak only bashing damage. They are very frail in comparison to werewolves. (Storytellers who prefer more resilient humans, such as for representing soldiers or other rugged types, may allow humans to soak lethal damage at difficulty 8). Garou can soak bashing damage at difficulty 6 in any form, and they soak lethal and aggravated damage at the same difficulty in any form but their breed form.
Damage from silver weapons is handled a bit differently. Garou may soak silver damage only in their breed form (save metis, who cannot soak it at all), at difficulty 6. Garou may not soak silver damage in any other form without using a Gift or fetish. Such is the price they pay for the gifts of Luna. Damage from silver is considered aggravated in all forms except a homid or lupus’ breed form.



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