The Sept of the Green Population

Council of Elders

Black Fury: Yolanda “Shieldheart” Miller, Black Fury, Ahroun
Bone Gnawer: Mother Larissa, Bone Gnawer, Theurge, Athro
Glass Walker: Kleon Winston, Glass Walker, Theurge
Child of Gaia: Angie, Child of Gaia, Galliard
Fianna: Ryann “Tears for Tara” Bishop, Fianna, Galliard

Sept of the Green Offices(6)

Grand Elder: Mother Larissa, Bone Gnawer, Theurge, Athro
Warder: Spotlight, Red Talon, Ahroun
Master of the Rite: Orson “Graveseeker” Gravely, Bone Gnawer, Theurge
Gate Keeper: Old Trash, Theurge,
Keeper of the Land: Angie, Child of Gaia, Galliard
Master of the Challenge: Wilhelm “LB” Krause, Get of Fenris, Philodox

Sept of the Green Lesser Offices(5)

Master of the Howl: Janet “Dirge” Crowley, Shadow Lord, Galliard
Caller of the Wyld: Linda Davis, Child of Gaia, Theurge
Truthcatcher: Nadine “Green” O’Coyle, Fianna, Philidox
Talesinger: Ryann “Tears for Tara” Bishop, Fianna, Galliard
Wyrmfoe: Yolanda “Shieldheart” Miller, Black Fury, Ahroun


Snarls-at-Fleas, Get of Fenris, Ahroun
Caitlin Star, Silver Fang, Ahroun
Tasha Black, Black Fury, Ragabash
Trash Bag,Bone Gnawer, Philidox
Alexandra “Xan” Zamyarin ,Silver Fang, Galliard
Jon “Peace Corps” Waters,Child of Gaia, Ahroun
One Eye,Glass Walker, Galliard
Timmy, Fianna, Ahroun
Hundo Chunder, Bone Gnawer, Ragabash

Other Garou(83)

18 Bone Gnawers, 15 Glass Walkers, 8 Children of Gaia, 9 Black Furies, 3 Get of Fenris, 2 Stargazers, 2 Silver Fangs, 12 Fianna, 3 Shadow Lords, 1 Red Talon

There are no Silent Striders, Uktenna or Wendigo present in the city although some have been know to visit.


Two watchman at zoo, two Belvedere castle supervisors, keeper of wolf enclosure in zoo, two owners of Redbones, three park keepers, owner of the equestrian stables, three cops in the police precinct.

Hundo Chunder, Bone Gnawer, Ragabash: Hundo is an able assistant to Mother Larissa. He is an amiable Bone Gnawer, and is eager to help out the less fortunate. He was born Hector Condorni, but he changed his name after his first transformation, to signal the death of his old life. He has no guile, no reckless ambition to control the caern, and no knowledge that Mother Larissa considers him the next in line.
Gate Keeper

Keeper of the Land
Angie, Child of Gaia, Galiard: The Gaian representative within the city of New York is a fairly young woman by the name of Angie. She has been fairly involved in helping to mentor and help those of her Tribe, and is also an accomplished Galliard to boot. She enjoys collecting stories and tid bits of information that she uses both to spread the heroic deeds of the Garou and to help the Gaian Network that she is closely alligned with. What is know of the woman that is has a open heart and has been known for having numerous affairs with the Kin of the city, no matter what the tribe that has helped her to build ties to many of the different groups within the city. She can easily be found at the new age and occult store that she owns, and infact is rumored to own the entire building that has plenty of space to accomdate her needs and any guests that she might have.

Ryann “Tears for Tara” Bishop, Fianna, Galliard: The Fianna representative within the city of New York is the owner of the Black Stag, a bar & grill and poolhall located in the Bronx in a small Irish community, where he has an office and is most easily reached. Ryann is quite a gracious host, living up to the goodwill and hospitality that his Tribe members are well known for; if someone is new to the city and in need of a room to stay, all one has to do is ask. An accomplished galliard, he is a member of the Lorekeepers, and is always looking for stories and information that he can spin into further tales so that he can sing of the glories of his fellow Garou, and to be saved for posterity’s sake for his journals that he has kept since she was a child. To meet him, one might think he is a Gaian, by his very down to earth demeanor, but don’t let that fool you. Ryann is a fierce Fianna at heart.

Master of the Howl
Janet “Dirge” Crowley ,Shadowlord, Galliard: Janet had to fend for herself at an early age as her Mum left and her Dad was an alcoholic. Janet was kicked out of school for being a bully and having antisocial behaviour problems. Janet had a talent for music and formed a band which gigged the local scene. Janet only went through her first change two years ago but since then she has found a family in the Sept of the Green and will do anything to protect them.

Other Garou of note
Fengy, Bone Gnawer, Ragabash, Metis: Two Garou fell in love by Belvedere Castle. They consummated their love in the Strawberry Fields. Nine months later, they threw the product of their union into the Reservoir. Fengy swam out in wolf form and ran with a pack of wild dogs for many years. Later, a Bone Gnawer found him and took pity on a Garou who never learned that he could change into Homid form. Unfortunately, the Homid form was obnoxious, demented, ill-mannered and annoying as hell. Fengy’s been a loner ever since. Fengy’s deformity is not terribly evident, but some would describe him as a mangy, scrawny, dirty, filthy, smelly little runt. He likes that. He revels in it. Fengy is 5’8"….in Crinos form!

Simon”Flash” Gentle, Glass Walker, Philidox, Homid: Simon’s “uncle” told him all about being Garou. He was deliriously happy. All this adventure, and money too?The transition into Garou society proceeded perfectly, and he even kept contact with his parents after he did it.
Unfortunately, he didn’t realize how dangerous his situation was . He put a lot of faith in his “infallible” Philodox nature and “flawless” sense of balance. Now things are getting way out of control. The finances of the park are in desperate straits, there’s some sinister group of vampires called “Sabbat” who could invade the park at any time, the Bone Gnawers are acting like they’ve got an unlimited meal ticket, and the whole operation seems like it could go to hell in an afternoon. But, hey, Kleons got it under control, right? Yeah, right…everything’s under control. Simon’s taken to the city in a big way. He’s too damn slick for his own good. He’s handsome, charming, suave and cool. All of the preceding traits conceal the fact that he’s scared out of his mind.

Accolon, Star Gazer,Ahroun, Homid: Very little is known of Accolon and the small pack of Stargazers he leads. They are always welcomed on the Sept of the Green though and have been known to give cryptic warnings of forthcoming events.